Every Chic Girl's "MUST HAVES"

being a girl is tough - between the mascara stabs to the eye in fits of hurry to the heartbreaks from jerky little boys, we deserve a little tlc/ this list includes the five items that help keep me cool/collected/& calm ~ even if i'm peddling like a duck underneath

1. A personal copy of Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady by Derek Blasberg
 the book teaches how to plan events, what to wear, and how to act like a classy lady. the advice from derek will transform you into a classy lady, which is found few and far.

2. Staple dress that can be worn to most events. (this is the little black dress)
i prefer to not wear black - why blend in when you can stand out? plus i'm more of a browns girl. my staple dress is a neutral toned dress that looks amazing with pops of color and tanned skin

3. One person you can divulge your deepest darkest thoughts to
never underestimate the power of friendship. a true friend is hard to come by, so when you find him/her latch on like a little puppy. they can save you a lot of money, that otherwise would be spent on a therapist.

4. A pair of shoes that can be worn with anything (preferably keep them in your car trunk)
being stranded without a shoe change is not a pretty sight. preparation produces positive results-always be prepared. i have a tan pair of canvas flats (go figure).

5. Confidence
with confidence you can rock your pink piggy pj pants...well maybe not those... (i'm writing this after seeing Mr. Popper's Penguins-excuse the overuse of p's). confidence is the most important attribute that a woman can have. You are Beautiful - own it!