1. ebay - this week i have been going crazy on ebay/ i have purchased items that i don't need to add to my already overstuffed closet/ i love a good bidding war/ i will do a clothing haul to showcase my new purchases in the upcoming week

2. nautical style - i especially love this dress by Quicksilver

3. hair feathers - aria from pretty little liars rocks this look & i'm totally digging it

4. million dollar decorators on bravo tv - interior decorating is not my forte, but these design geniuses would blow anyone out of the water/ they all have such amazing visions & to watch their creations come to light is one of my trills of the week/ tune-in on tuesday nights

5.  SUMMER - today officially begins summer/ plus i completed my financial accounting class online today, with an A+ - i might add, so i am uber trilled/ hello sunshine :)